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Salutations, this is Jonathan a.k.a. Johnny Mars in this alibi talkgroup, I hope you participate in this serious site.
For centuries, mankind has been baffled by enigmatic figures in history that seem almost utterly flawless, which leads to the key question of this discussion, is perfection possible? I personally think it must certainly is, absolutely. I happen to know a perfect person, for privacy reasons and the S.O.P.A. law I am unable to reveal this mysterious character's identity, although he shares his epic name with Nelson Mandela, a Nobel prize winner, like him.
Such an elusive guy has become known by a number of popular denominations like: el zorro, master of the night, punisher, the womanizing machine, the mythological greek hero, adonis popeye, fresh prince of bel air, justin bieber, salvadoran schwarzenegger, the almighty teacher, el mero mero, the gallego british, mcgyver the immortal, the renegade & youngster gaga. Therefore, he is easy to recognize, but difficult to
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