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Independent Speaking Practice 44   
4    6 min     Started by Médard     
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47 mths ago
This is my answer to the independent speaking practice 44
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47 mths ago
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2 mths ago
Personally, my dream house looks like to be following engineer plan designed because of the hospitality and family resident.
First of all, I would live in my dream house according to engineer plan because of the hospitality. For example, The ground and first floor were given to the hospitality in my dream house to maintain the staff of having the hygienic qualification to cure the patients with the doctors because of the giving the service whenever the person become the illness.
Second of all, I would live in my dream house according to engineer plan because of the family resident. For instance, The second floor is meant for living the family resident in my dream house which contains three-bed rooms, L shaped hall, dining room and kitchen because of the big family such as three sister and parents.
As a result, I would live in my dream house for the above reasons.
3 min 21 sec
2 mths ago
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