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taking a vacation   
2    6 min     Started by zhangxinyue     
1 min 58 sec
3 mths ago
I prefer to tavel with my family because I can release my pressures from my work and enjoy new cultures.
First of all, travelling on a vacation is a good way of relaxing myself. For example, this year I took a vacation for one week from my work. I was very tried after one year’s working, so I took my family and travelled to San Diego. It was an amazing time sitting on the beach, reading magazines and listening to music. That made me forget all the dispression and troubles which had happened in my work.
Tavelling on vacation is more enjoyable for my family.In this vacation,I could spent more time with my children in order to make up the time I lost while I was busy. Also, my children met and learned different people and different cultures, which had the positive influence on their growth and development.
4 min 14 sec
3 mths ago
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