4th of July Alcohol puns: American Heroes edition.

So this all started with Abraham Drinkin.

Help us come up with more. It has to be a character from American History to celebrate today as well as some sort of alcohol theme.

Here’s what we have so far (some are better than others) :

Abraham Drinkin

John Wilkes Booze

Rosa Parched

Frederick Mugless

Harry S. Brew-man

Alexander HamilTurnt

Ciroc Obama

Slam-eul Adams

Druncle Sam

George Whiskington

George Sloshington

George W Busch Lite

Condoleeza Rice-Wine

Bud W. Eisenhower

Theodore Brewsanvelt

Buzz’d Aldrin

Malt Disney

Millard Fill-more in my cup

Davy Crunkett

Albert Winestein

Tequila Earhart

Martin Luther Gin Jr

Harriet Chugman

Pale Ale Earnhardt Jr

Malcolm Dos XX

Coaster Cleveland

William Cask

Al Patron

Richard Mixin’

Donald Rumsmell’d

Jesse Jameson

Donald Drunk

Jimi Hendrinks

Boozin B. Anthony