Cindy and Lucy were to high-powered DC lawyers.

They had been childhood friends, gone to the same law school, and gone into partnership together. Through their hard work, they became well known in the DC area and bumped elbows with politicians.

One summer, they decided to hold a fourth of july party and invite all the members of congress. However, they disagreed on one thing. Lucy liked big parties with lots of guests, while cindy liked more intimate gathering with fewer guests. So they compromised: cindy would throw a party for only senators, and lucy would throw one for the members of the house of representatives.

The parties were a hit! And every year after that, they threw excellent parties with the same arrangement. Senators would gush over cindy’s private affair, while lucy threw ragers for the house.

In their old age, as luck would have it, they were both on their deathbed at the same time. Lucy asked Cindy if she believed in reincarnation. “Yes, I do in fact” Cindy responded. Lucy proposed that on July 4th, fifteen years from then, they should meet on the capitol steps and reminisce about old time.

Lucy was re-born to a wealthy family, and lived a privileged life. On July 4th of her fifteenth year, she walked up the capitol steps, where she accidentally stepped on an ant. She waited for hours for cindy, when she realized in horror that cindy must have been the ant! Lucy felt confused and horrible.

Distraught, she went to the nearest buddhist temple and told the monk their about their similar lives and their careers. When she started explaining how she would throw parties for house members, and cindy for senators, the monk stopped her.

“You said she just threw parties for senators–no house members allowed?” the monk asked.

“Yes, that is correct. Why does that explain why I was reincarnated in such a good life while cindy became a lowly bug?”

The monk answered, “you see, only rep hosts get good karma”