Used by educators all over the world, Voxopop talkgroups are a fun, engaging and easy-to-use way to help students develop their speaking skills. They're a bit like message boards, but use voice rather than text and a have a specialised user interface. No longer confined to a physical classroom, teachers and students of oral skills can interact from home, or even from opposite sides of the planet!
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Voxopop Talkgroups can be Public, Restricted or entirely Private.
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speaking tasks for Yelena  
speaking tasks for Yelena
ESL80PR Fall 2015  
This Talkgroup is for the members of the Fall 2015 ESL80PR class at Pima Community College.
Tutorización - Funlam  
Grupo para discutir el tema de la tutorización para docentes en formación en la Funlam 2015-II
ediths talk group  
a talk group
SET- Noticias positivas  
Audioforo de noticias positivas del Sistema Educativo Transformacional de Líderes Holding Group S.A.S.
smu pd - 89  
record your speaking journal before Sunday 9 pm.
smu pd - 33  
record your speaking journal before Sunday 9 pm.

This talkgroup has thousands of members, using it for language speaking practice and discussing various aspects of education and learning. Have a listen to the many discussions and join in if you feel like it.

NOTE: This talkgroup was set up by Voxopop. Feel free to start a more specific education or language talkgroup yourself!